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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Seed Funding: 2016-2017

Episome Biotech started its operations in 2014 with capital stock and public grants. The company, which started intellectual property protection with its patent application in 2015, received a seed investment from the  Diffusion Capital Fund in 2017, increased its production capacity with this financing, and expanded its intellectual property protection umbrella to all EU, USA, Japan and many more countries. With this fund Episome accelerated its project development activities in Europe and was able to commercialize its key technology in 2021. 

Series A Funding Target: 2023

Episome will go on a Series A funding round in 2023 to expand its business operations, accelerate the commercialization of Epicellulyse XT technology, which enables biomethane production from paper sludge, in North America, and accelerate its work on existing R&D projects. Contact us to inquire about this funding round.


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