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Unique and globally patent-protected technologies are developed in Episome laboratories. You can contact us for more information about our technologies that have passed the commercialization stage.



From Paper Sludge to Biomethane and Organic Fertilizer

Epicellulyse XT is a world-first technology developed by Episome. With this technology, which enables the waste called paper sludge from the paper industry to be converted into biogas and organic fertilizer, paper mills can reach their zero waste targets.

Thanks to this technology, biomethane producers reach a sustainable carbon source andit is possible to produce biogas from paper sludge from 100 to 250 cubic meters per ton.

Episome, which has started to export this technology which is patented all over the world, aims to save the world from 50 million tons of waste and 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.


Biotech Solution to Food Loss

Epimela technology suppresses rotten molds on the surface of the fruits, which cause their decay, due to the beneficial anti-fungal microorganisms in its content. Epimela prevents fruits from rotting on the shelves or during transportation. Economic losses are reduced and food waste is prevented. 

Epimela technology provides protection of products without chemicals and without any harm to health. You can contact us for more information.


Maximum Yield in Microorganism Fermentation

Novel fermentation methods developed by Episome Laboratories, it is possible to produce high concentrations of bacteria and thus high concentrations of bacterial products (such as enzymes, proteins, etc.) by using small-sized bioreactors.

Our medium recipes, production techniques and modifications made in the reactors developed by our company, we reach high efficiency production, low energy consumption and low cost. Thanks to this technology, we are able to offer our customers high quality products at affordable prices.

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