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Tropical House Plant

Biotechnological Solutions for Ornamental Plants and Horticulture

One of the easiest ways to relieve the stress created by the busy city life today can be to bring small pieces of nature to our home. 

Chemical and toxic products are widely used in the care of ornamental plants and horticulture, which has become an increasingly widespread and large sector. 

At Episome, we have developed products that accelerate the development of plants and protect them from diseases by using the power of beneficial bacteria without using chemicals. 


GreenZebra Biostick, Plenty Plant ve  Green Zebra Pro series, products based on beneficial microorganisms, complete a significant deficiency in the ornamental plants sector in this period when environmentalism and cyclicity gain importance. Contact us for the domestic and international distributorship of these products.

Green Zebra Biostick

Green Zebra Biostick is a decorative and innovative plant care product containing natural beneficial bacteria. There are 3 different products in our biostick series. 

Green Zebra Biostick Rootgrow

It contains Paenibacillus polymyxa bacterium, which ensures root growth and new shoots of plants. At the same time, this bacterium, which also meets the nitrogen need of the soil, allows plants to grow and root faster with the natural molecules it secretes.


 Green Zebra Biostick Guardian

Green Zebra Biostick Guardian, which contains the microorganism named Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, prevents diseases in plants and protects soil and plants from pathogens, it is possible to keep plants alive and prevent bad situations that will occur. 

Green Zebra Biostick AntiFly

With the insecticidal Brevibacillus laterosporus microorganism, Green Zebra Biostick AntiFly, the latest product of our series, can prevent problems such as fly infestation in the soil.

Plenty Plant

Plenty Plant is a product that facilitates home plant care and meets all needs in one product. It is possible to meet all the needs of plants with a single touch with the nutritious minerals, organic matter containing high humic acid and beneficial microorganisms in its content. 

Green Zebra Pro

In the Green Zebra Pro series, beneficial microorganisms used in our products are stabilized in liquid formulations. This product, which can be used in larger areas, hobby gardens and landscaping works, will be the most natural way to reach high yields and well-kept gardens in hobby gardening. 

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