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Episome offers a wide range of products and services, which are related to industrial enzymes and microorganisms as well as laboratory services and equipment rentals that company's might need for their R&D and scale-up processes. 

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Biocatalysts for Lignocellulosic Biomass Hydrolysis

Biofuel Production Systems

Protein, Starch and Oil Based Organic Waste Hydrolysis Enzymes


Intestinal Flora Enhancing Probiotic Microorganisms for Poultry and Livestock

Digestive Enzymes for Poultry and Livestock

Beekeeping Probiotics

Image by Steven Weeks

Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms

Microbial Soil Improver Preparations

Organic Garden

Plant Nutrition Sticks

Soil Improvers

Compost Accelerators

Plant Growth Support and Anti-Pest Products


Pure & Stabilized Probiotic Cultures

Yeast and Bacterial Based Starter Cultures


Production and Formulation of Useful Microorganisms at Industrial Scale


Enzymatic Stain Removal Products for Household Use

Enzymatic Additives for Detergents

Image by Ivan Bandura

Waste Water Treatment Performance Enhancing Nutrients

Waste Water Treatment Permformance Enhancing Microorganisms

Image by Trnava University

Contract R&D Services

Physical and Chemical Analysis

Biological Analysis

Process Equipment Rental Services

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