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Turkey's Leading Biotechnology Company

Microorganisms and industrial enzymes are produced at low cost and at high quality by a team that trusts the power of biology. We are presenting stable biological products with a long shelf life and high quality to our customers. 


With a biomimetic approach, we are developing biological solutions to industrial problems by discovering new usage areas of enzymes and microorganisms that exist in nature. 


Better together...

Episome Biotechnology develops environmentally friendly and economically viable formulas and technologies that reduce CO2 emissions and lower operating costs for its customers and partners.

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We are working for a more sustainable future with our team specialized on beneficial microorganisms and enzymes. We are working with the motto of "less chemicals, more biology".

We dream with the power of biology.

If transportation and energy were provided from renewable resources… If chemical pesticides in agriculture were replaced by biological drugs… If biotechnological products replaced fossil-based chemicals in detergents…  

We follow our dreams for a sustainable future.

Hakkımızda: About Us
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We offer biotechnological solutions with microorganisms isolated from nature. Microorganisms may be small, but they make a big difference. Why shouldn't they work for you too?


For a habitable planet…


We use the power of microorganisms  to move industries away from fossil-based energy and chemicals. We continue to produce for a carbon-neutral planet with the biotechnological solutions, like bioenergy, natural anti-microbials and microbial fertilizers.

Hakkımızda: About Us
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