Convert paper sludge to biogas, a clean renewable energy source and produce organic fertilizers as by-products with our patented enzyme solution. Make your waste disposal process more profitable and sustainable.

How to Solve Paper Plant Waste Problem With Epicellulyse XT Technology

How Can Paper Sludge Be Used for Biogas and Fertilizer Production?



Paper and pulp industry is the sixth largest polluter in the world. Biogas industry is the new rising renewable energy producer but problematic to enhance efficiency by various input raw materials making it fragile and hard to stay feasible. Our solution as a game-changer, introduces a vast organic waste to Biogas plants as a new raw source.


EpiCellulyse XT™ is a novel technology, developed to convert paper industry waste into raw material to be used in Biogas Plants. Paper mill sludge is mainly composed of cellulose fibers, which are made of glucose subunits. Glucose is the most easily utilized energy molecule for organisms and can be converted to variety of substances including biogas. But cellulose fibers are formed of very long chains of glucose and they are very hard to assimilate by microorganisms which are specialized for Biogas methane production. Our patent filed EpiCellulyse XT™ achives to break these long chains down to smaller and easily utilizable fragments.are specialized for Biogas methane production. Our patent filed EpiCellulyse XT™ achives to break these long chains down to smaller and easily utilizable fragments.


EpiCellulyse XT™ provides market first enzymatic product (CelluRise™) that is cost effective among other generic cellulose breakers and its special design for paper industry makes it more affordable as a renewable source. It contains the necessary microorganisms and enzymes to convert the paper mill sludge into suitable raw material for biogas production. EpiSupplement™, an additive enhances the action of CelluRise™ and it helps bacteria and enzymes work faster and better in the paper mill sludge. It contains vitamin and mineral containing natural substances. This solution opens new era to Biogas industry as the use of paper mill sludge, which is one of the most common and abundant waste around the globe, provides a standardisation in the process and increases its efficiency. With our solution a costly-disposed waste material can be converted to 3 different valuable substances such as biogas (%100 clean renewable energy), liquid fertilizer and solid fertilizer in addition to solving the waste disposal problem. 

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