How to Solve the Paper Industry’s Waste Management Problem While Promoting Sustainability

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

As the world population and thus the demand keeps increasing, we consume more of everything and produce more waste. This also applies for the paper and pulp industry.

To illustrate, paper accounts for up to 40% of total waste in the US. 407 million tonnes of paper and board are produced generating vast amounts of polluted waste water and paper sludge disposal to be treated.

It’s no surprise that waste management in the paper and pulp industry is a really critical issue considering the fact that this industry is the 3rd largest polluter of air, water and soil. Most of the paper sludge is forwarded to traditional waste handling methods like landspreading, landfills and incineration. However these traditional methods are costly and environmentally unfriendly in the long term.

As shown by the infographic, there is an alternative to the traditional waste management technologies in the paper and pulp industry now. The innovative enzyme technology by Episome helps converting paper sludge to biogas and producing organic fertilizers from the residue of this process. Biogas can be used for clean electricity and biofuel production making this waste disposal method eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s time that paper plants

consider a sustainable waste management approach instead of traditional methods.

Download the infographic now to learn how paper plants can conserve the planet’s resources while earning from their waste.

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