Episome is granted patent for “EpiCellulyse XT” in Japan

At Episome, we are continuously pursuing innovative research projects for a more sustainable future. One of our research efforts has been granted a patent in Japan by the Japan Patent Office, under patent number JP6464443. This innovative product is called EpiCellulyse XT.

EpiCellulyse XT has the real potential to make the paper industry more sustainable and environment-friendly. The industry is one of the world’s least sustainable industries and they are in dire need of innovative technologies . By turning an unusable waste of the paper production processes -paper sludge, into a usable raw material, EpiCellulyse XT makes it possible to produce biogas and organic fertilizer from the paper sludge in a sustainable and profitable manner.

The cellulose in the paper sludge is the culprit and treasure at the same time. Many studies and attempts had been made to reuse this waste material as a raw material, however cellulose causes crusting, foaming and plugging problems in biogas digesters. The amount of biogas released from sludge per unit time was also not enough to make the process profitable. But the glucose subunits found in the cellulose was always a mouthwatering material for biogas operators, because of its high energy content.

A possibility to break down the cellulose in the paper sludge was to take advantage of concentrated cellulases. But the cost of these additives was too high for the feasibility and profitability of the operation.

Developed by Episome, EpiCellulyse XT makes the pretreatment of the cellulose content in the paper sludge feasible, sustainable and profitable by making it ideal for biogas and natural fertilizer production. We achieve this by recycling enzymes and allowing on-site action by carefully cultivated natural microorganisms. Therefore, EpiCellulyse XT not only has the potential to make the paper industry a more profitable business but it also has the potential to make it sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Episome Biotech is proud to be inventors of this product and help to make the world more sustainable.

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