Happy to be Featured in Sabah

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

We are happy to announce that we’ve been mentioned by Sabah, a Turkish daily newspaper, with a circulation of around 330,000. Here are the highlights of the post:

“Episome Biotech has achieved a serious success with its innovative project which aims generating energy from paper sludge. They received an investment of 500.000 Euros from the DCP fund as they have cutting edge industrial protein and enzyme technologies. Thanks to these, they can create energy in a significantly efficient way by supporting sustainability in biogas, paper, household care, agriculture and biofuel industries.”

Sabah also mentioned that Episome Biotech was founded in 2014 as a research & development lab, aiming to solve industrial problems by biological approaches. Episome’s novel technology, Epicellulyse XT, enables use of paper mill sludge (waste) in the production of biogas/renewable energy and organic fertilizers, solving the paper industry’s waste management problem while promoting sustainability.

This innovative technology allows paper plants to increase their profitability and be more competitive worldwide as they can create energy from waste. “Working with new factories in Europe and supplying products are among our goals. Yet, the ultimate goal is to make this technology valid and permanent in the world. As this goes on, Episome will continue to develop new products and make new patent applications without ever leaving the field of Research and Development.” said Murat Bahadır Kilinc, CEO, Episome Biotech.

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