Take stain removal one step further with our enzymes!




Most stains that need to be removed by laundry or dishwashing detergents arise from organic substances like protein, starch and fat. Episome offers a wide range of biological solutions for manufacturers of household care products.These solutions are eco-friendly solutions that consumers demand increasingly. Our enzymatic formulations can tackle different stains and improve your product's strength.

Stain-removal solution
Detergent enzymes are designed to act on fabric layers. Our stain removal enzymes effectively improve the washing performance of detergents.Episome solution ensures to combine the correct enzyme with the correct stain.


Types of Stain-removal Enzymes

»›  Protease for protein stain removal

»›  Amylase for starch stain removal

»›  Lipase for grease stain removal

»›  Mannanase for mannan-based stain removal

»›  Pectin-degrading enzymes for fruit-based stain removal

Learn how you can tackle stains in an effective, sustainable, and efficient way