Better fed livestock with healthier, more efficient feed.




World population is growing and animal feed prices are increasing faster than the number of available livestock. When the supply is not enough, the smart way would be to take advantage of any resource.


Episome Biotech produces additives that increases the efficiency of livestock feed. Episome Biotech additives not only contribute to healthier and better fed livestocks but they make it possible to feed more animals with the same amount of feed.

EpiMix 115™

EpiMix 115™ is an organic based acidic enzyme mix that can go through gastrointestinal tract of animal while breaking down complex nutrient molecules to stimulate better and faster muscular growth.


EpiZyme 374™

EpiZyme 374™ is a Bacillus-originated organic alkali protease that breaks down long peptide chains throughout the gastrointestinal tract of the animal. It contributes to faster growth and better muscle mass in animals by procuring amino acids needed for their growth.


EpiPro 101™

EpiPro 101™ a probiotic that contains Lactococcus spp. and Bacillus spp. It protects the livestock against diseases by reinforcing the immune system through enhancing the gastro-intestinal flora of the livestock.

Learn how enyzmatic and probiotic solutions improve animal health and feed efficiency